Steps to prepare your site for search engines

Steps to prepare your site for search engines

In light of the spread of electronic commerce in the current era and its penetration into various aspects of business, The importance of having appeared

It presents the ideas, services, and products of different companies, and since reaching the largest customer base is an inevitable necessity in order to sell the largest amount of products, Website owners had to take care of optimizing their sites for search engines in order to ensure that their products reach everyone. The user may start typing a word in the Google search engine and start searching for it, and here many relevant search results appear to him; he may like one of them and start browsing it, and then one of the site’s products appears to him, and he may be convinced of it and ask to buy it.

How do search engines work?

The main task of search engines is to access or crawl websites, index them, and archive them using their spiders, and this is done according to the following:

• Store and archive pages in private databases.
• The crawler follows every link published on the web and analyzes it to know how to index it and target this crawler: Titles, Meta tags, and subject headings

When you enter the keyword in the search box of the search engine, It is matched with the index of the databases, and then the results appear according to the criteria that were previously determined and according to the percentages of compatibility with the search word.

Of course, every search engine has databases that operate according to terms and policies that differ from one engine to another according to the engine owners’ policies and go through a lot of permanent modifications in order to improve the quality and accuracy of the results.

The importance of creating the site for search engines

1. Reaching the target customer: The target word does not have to be a product; it may be information or an answer to a question. Here, the importance of preparing your site for the search engine emerges. Having your site among the first results of search engines helps you reach the target customer who is interested in your field or products. Therefore, it is very important to develop a plan for targeted customers before starting to configure your site for search engines, and this plan must include the targeted search words and the number of visits.

Low cost: Optimizing your site for search engines is considered a powerful marketing tool with a low cost when compared to the cost of paid ads. Although paid ads are a fast and effective way to get customers and interact with them, their effect ends once they are stopped. Unlike search engine optimization, which may take months to reap its benefits, its effect and impact are constant and endless.
Increased sales: When the customer is convinced of the importance of the service that you provide to him on your site, this means, of course, an increase in the percentage of the site’s sales.
Brand publicity: There is a direct relationship between site optimization for search engines and brand publicity. The more the service provided by your site is useful to people, and the more the user finds as much information as he needs on your site, The more popular your website brand becomes, which means raising the level of trust among your customers and building a strong customer base.
Obtaining higher percentages of visits is one of the fruits of preparing the site for search engines and contributes to raising the site’s popularity and knowledge about it. It is important to create a blog and forum for the site in order to increase the number of visits.
Consolidating the foundations of trust among your customers There is a well-known rule that Google search engines operate on, which is to exclude any content that is not purposeful, unhelpful to the target, or does not satisfy his goals. The appearance of your site in the first search results will give the target confidence in the importance of your site and the benefit it provides.

The most prominent challenges that you may face while configuring the site engines

Backlinks are one of the most well-known terms in the field of search engine optimization, but they are no longer the most efficient way. In the past, it was used in blogs, automatic content sites, and directory sites, but now distinguished content and user interaction on it are the best ways to configure search engines. Like the interaction of users on social networking pages, e-marketing through interaction on social networking sites is an important step in preparing the site for search engines.
Adaptation of your site for smart phones: The compatibility of your site with smart phones and devices is no longer a luxury but rather an imperative. Access to the Internet through smart phones has become much more common than access to it from computers, and among the most important points that must be taken into account in order to prepare the site for smart phones are:
Align content length with smartphones.
Understanding and analyzing the nature of the visitor from the smartphone and creating content for interaction
Traffic is not guaranteed; search engines are constantly changing, as are the algorithms that rank them. If you do not keep up with these changes, you will lose your position among the search engine results, and it is preferable to rely on a company specializing in this field of e-marketing, but if you prefer to do it yourself, it is better to seek the help of the best e-marketing company in Saudi Arabia.

• Addressing problems before they occur: waiting for problems to occur and then addressing them is a serious mistake that should not occur; Knowing the upcoming and expected updates, we should not wait until they happen and then implement them, but rather they must be done, otherwise this will cause a great loss to the site.

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