The difference between the platform and the sites?

The electronic platform is one of the most important and necessary tools in our current era, as it allows users to access a wide range of information and services easily. Electronic platforms vary in size and content, some of which are only one site and some of which are an entire building that contains many different sites and services.

Electronic platforms differ in size and quality according to the purpose of their establishment. Some of them are single sites that contain simple information, and some of them are multiple sites that contain several services and tools. Each type of platform has its own unique characteristics and advantages that are appropriate for the purpose of its use.

Electronic platforms find wide application in many fields, especially in the commercial, educational, and entertainment fields. In the commercial field, electronic platforms help companies display and market their products and services easily, as well as provide customers with faster and easier access to these products and services.

In the case of large and comprehensive platforms, they can be used effectively by large companies operating in multiple fields, as the electronic platform provides the possibility of each domain being located in a separate location, and thus users can access all services easily and conveniently.

Another aspect that makes electronic platforms useful and suitable for use is interactive computing, especially in educational fields. The electronic platform provides the possibility for users to interact with academic content and with teachers and students directly and effectively.

In addition, electronic platforms make it possible to provide services more efficiently and effectively, as users can access services via the Internet without having to go to the actual location of the service.

In the end, it can be said that the electronic platform is one of the most important tools in our current world, and it varies in size and content according to the purpose of its use. Therefore,  it renews users’ access to services and information easily and smoothly.

In light of the great development witnessed by information and communication technology, the use of electronic platforms has become one of the essential things in our daily lives. The term electronic platform refers to a website that contains a set of services, information, and tools that users can access via the Internet.

Electronic platforms differ in size and quality according to the purpose of their establishment. Some of them are single sites that contain simple information, and some of them are multiple sites that contain several services and tools. Each type of platform has its own unique characteristics and advantages that are appropriate for the purpose of its use.

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What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

Proxy and VPN (VPN) are used to access websites and online services, but they differ in the way they are used and how they work.

A proxy connects the user’s device to another server and then connects to the website that the user wants to access. The proxy is characterized by allowing users to access blocked or restricted sites where the user’s IP address is changed to another IP address, which makes the site being accessed believe that the user is connecting from another place.

As for a VPN, it is considered more secure and confidential than a proxy, as all data that is exchanged between the device used and the server to which it is connected is encrypted. Thus, the user’s personal data and sensitive information are protected from hacking or theft. You can download it here.

LaVPN is distinguished by allowing users to access blocked and restricted websites, and it can also be used to bypass geographical restrictions that prevent users from accessing some websites or services in some countries.

Thus, it can be said that the proxy and the VPN differ in the way they are used and the way they work, as the proxy allows access to blocked sites easily, while the VPN allows access to sites safely and confidentially, and it can be used to bypass geographical restrictions and protect against hacking or theft.

To be more clear, it can be said that proxies and VPNs are used to access websites and online services, but they differ in the way they work and how they are used. The proxy connects the user’s device to another server, modifies the user’s IP address, and allows him to access blocked sites, while the VPN encrypts all data that is exchanged between the user’s device and the server that it is connected to and allows users to access sites safely. And confidential; it can also be used to bypass geographical restrictions and protect personal data from hacking or theft.

Proxy and VPN can also be used in several areas and purposes. In the commercial field, proxies can be used to improve performance and provide protection for corporate networks, while VPNs can be used to connect securely to corporate networks through the Internet. In the educational field, proxies and VPNs can be used to bypass geographical restrictions and access educational materials that are restricted in some countries. In the government field, proxies and VPNs can be used to protect sensitive data and communicate safely between institutions and government agencies.

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Why do you blog on your site?

The blog on the site brings together a number of blogs and is like a diary or an arena for expressing personal opinions. The blog is an Internet application in which blogs are written to convey news or express ideas, and it works through the content management system, which in its simplest form is a web page and The website on the Internet shows postings (entries) dated and arranged in ascending chronological order, of which a specific number is published that is controlled by the manager or publisher of the blog. A specific post at a later time when it is no longer available on the first page of the blog, and it also ensures the stability of links and prevents them from degrading.

This web publishing mechanism insulates the user from the technical complexities normally associated with this medium, That is, the Internet, and it allows everyone to publish their writing very easily. Many service providers provide mechanisms similar to e-mail interfaces on the (web) network that allow anyone to maintain a blog through which they publish what they want by simply filling out forms and pressing buttons, and they also provide complementary features, such as feed technology, which aims to facilitate follow-up of updates to the published content without the need to visit the sites periodically and without the need to subscribe to mailing lists, and other services for linking blogs, in addition to the most important feature, which is the comments that achieve interaction between bloggers and readers, and newspapers and magazines are considered Electronic blogging is one of the advanced aspects.

From the point of view of sociology, the Internet views blogging as a means of publishing to the public, which has led to an increase in the role of the World Wide Web as a means of expression and communication more than ever before, in addition to being a means of publishing, advertising, and promoting various projects and campaigns. Blogging and email are the two most important services that have ever appeared on the Internet, followed by wikis.

The topics covered by the publishers in their blogs range from diaries, thoughts, expressive ideas, literary production, publishing news, and specialized topics in the field of technology and the Internet itself. And while some bloggers dedicate their blogs to writing on one topic, there are others who deal with various topics in what they write.

There are also blogs that are limited to one person, collective ones in which many writers participate, and blogs that rely mainly on photoblogs and comment on them. Video blogs (they are called vloggers [4]) have also recently spread on the Internet, and they are mainly based on publishing blogging content with audio and video recorded on video.


Why Domain Name is one of the most important elements of SEO

The Domain Name is one of the most important elements of SEO because it is first searched for in Google databases. Tips for choosing a Domain Name: Using the most important keyword on the website to choose a Domain name A Domain Name is easy to write and easy to remember. Domain Name usage is short and easy for you to remember. The most popular extensions are Com, Net, and Org. Links: Are they useful or harmful in SEO? In the case of not using links, it will be more expensive and better in SEO, such as shippingcompany.net, but if there is a similarity in the letters between the two words, there is no difference in terms of using links or not using them, such as cigarettes_shipping.com. cigarettesshipping.com.

SEO is a very big world; it is not as easy as some think, and its mastery will not be overnight; rather, it is a cumulative result of experience that you collect over continuous years of reading and applying what you have learned and even avoiding mistakes made to achieve a very advanced level in it. But the beautiful thing about it is that once you understand the logic that follows it and how to practice it in the right way, you will avoid falling into many SEO mistakes that many new bloggers fall into, such as duplicate content. Not only that, the knowledge that you will gain, even if it is a little, will enable you to achieve advanced ranks in search engines, which means free visits to your website.

Website optimization for search engines is very important for your articles to be ranked first.

But to enter any field, whether it is about improving SEO for sites or perhaps profiting from commission marketing and other areas of profit from the Internet, it is important to know its basics and delve into it gradually to achieve high levels. Of course, this will be divided into several stages that differ from one person to another, but what we all agree on is that the beginning is knowing all the basic terms so that you know exactly what you are about to do.

Assuming you want to read an article about how to build backlinks for your new site, you may come across, for example, the term “Anchor Text,” and not knowing what is meant by the latter, it will be a great ambiguity for you, which confirms that you will not understand the article sufficiently, let alone if you find more than one term. It is vague in the same article, and this is what you will inevitably encounter in most SEO articles: to recruit yourself to search for the meaning of each term separately before you complete reading the topic in your hands, and this will take a lot of effort and time from you. So in this topic, we have collected the most popular SEO terms that you will encounter frequently in foreign content, whether in SEO articles or even WordPress plugins to optimize your site for search engines and other frequently used tools such as the well-known Rank Math tool.


Software development beginners guide

  • Software development beginners guide

    If you are a beginner in software development, you are in the right place! In this article, we will provide you with a simple guide to getting started in the world of software development.

    Programming language learning guide

    The first step you need to take in software development is to learn a programming language. There are many different languages that you can choose from, such as Python, JavaScript, Java, and others. Find the language that best suits your needs and start studying it.

    Useful Links:

    Python lessons for beginners
    Learn JavaScript from scratch.
    An introduction to the Python language

    The Python programming language is one of the most popular programming languages currently, and all indications indicate that it has been at the top of the list for the past few years. Python has many advantages that give it an advantage over other programming languages in many aspects, as it is characterized by a dynamic system for interpreting the data type, which means that we will not need to specify the data type for the variables that we know in the code, and the management of memory resources in Python is a management mechanism. Python supports many styles of programming, such as object-oriented programming, functional programming, and procedural programming. Another advantage of Python is that it has comprehensive benchmark libraries that are automatically included in all versions of Python.

    The Python language was launched in the early 1990s by Guido van Rossum, and he gave it this name because of his admiration for a famous theater group in Britain called Monty Python. The Python programming language can be used to build and develop small, medium, and large programs and applications, and it is recommended to learn it at the beginning for everyone who wants to learn programming in general because it is easy to learn.

    One of the advantages of the Python programming language is that the code in it does a lot with a few lines, so you will not need to write many lines of code. The language also helps to write clean code, by which we mean that the code is tidy and easy to read and understand due to the reliance on identification in defining the scope or underbelly of the code and not the brackets as in other programming languages. The following table shows some of the differences between the Python and Java languages.


Online e-learning statistics and trends for 2023

Online e-learning statistics and trends for 2023

The educational disruption caused by the unexpected pandemic has led to an unprecedented revolution in the educational landscape. Lectures, seminars, or learning of any kind no longer have to be confined to a physical location thanks to digital toolboxes, from mobile devices to virtual learning systems to online courses.

The remarkable shift from traditional classroom education to digital learning, followed by the explosive growth of the e-learning industry, shows no signs of slowing down.

Whether you want to jump into distance learning as a student or teacher with a course aiming to harness its potential, here are some highlights that include the most important stats covered in this article for you to work through:

Two out of five Fortune 500 companies rely on e-learning tools.
The global e-learning market is expected to reach $457.8 billion by 2026.
China is expected to become the largest e-learning market by 2026.
The United States and Europe alone make up more than 70% of the e-learning industry.
4.4 million American families lack e-learning tools.
21 E-learning statistics and trends for 2023

Our round-up of 21 key online e-learning stats can help you develop a better understanding of the major e-learning and online education trends and what the future holds for them:

As more and more institutions offer mobile learning opportunities to people from remote areas, the e-learning market is set to grow at a rate of 10.3% to reach $457.8 billion.

Based on an e-learning industry report, Deloitte states that the average employee needs 24 minutes, or 1% of their workweek, for learning purposes. This microlearning approach helps employees absorb the latest knowledge and skills available to them. The process leads to increased revenue and a competitive advantage.

China’s e-learning market will overtake the United States of America by reaching the projected US $105.7 billion market size by 2026. This boost is attributed to China’s policies to accelerate the shift to new learning methods that are internet-based.


What is the expert platform for training?

We are the expert platform for training.

It is an online educational platform that aims to enable individuals, companies, and institutions to obtain distance training and education by providing a wide range of training courses that are offered by experts and specialists in various fields. We believe that education is the primary key to success and development, and we strive To provide the best online learning experience by providing high-quality training courses designed to meet the needs of market and industry experts.

Experts Training Platform is an educational platform that provides its services in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. On the Expert Training Platform, we are working to provide our students with an integrated learning environment that aims to change the traditional way of studying that students follow outside the classroom. We aim to do this by giving the student the ability to learn at their own pace through various features that work together to complete the student’s educational journey.

Abwab gives students access to enhanced content developed by learning experts. We look forward to changing the way we learn outside the classroom by providing video lessons with high-quality content delivered by our Academic Doors teachers, in addition to the opportunity to practice on the most powerful question bank. and periodic exams that enable students to evaluate themselves continuously and display the results in a special statistics dashboard for each student To enable him to follow up on his academic progress, in addition to the opportunity to learn in an enjoyable way through the Doors League.

The experts platform for training support offers various electronic training programs that enable you to develop your skills in various contemporary fields such as programming, business management, and various communication skills. In addition to training programs in some specialized fields such as accounting, data analysis, marketing, and other various training programs,

The Experts Training Platform is a leading platform that seeks to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by taking advantage of digital technologies.

Students practice their training in their own systems in order to develop problem-solving skills and help them understand and thus accelerate their learning through practical practice, active participation, and simulation models, which contribute to creating a digital generation that is able to interact with current changes, in addition to strengthening and enhancing the capabilities of the trainees and enabling them to compete in the labor market.


Digital marketing strategies

  • Digital Marketing Strategies: A Guide to Success in the Digital Age
    About digital marketing

    In this modern age, digital marketing has become one of the most important tools for reaching audiences and increasing sales. If you want to enhance your online presence and reach consumers in an effective way, here are some important strategies for success in digital marketing:

    Develop a strong website.

    Your website is the centerpiece of digital marketing. The website should be user-friendly and easy to use for visitors. Use attractive design and quality content to connect with your audience.

    Useful Links:

    Distinctive website design
    Add powerful content to your site.
    Use of social media

    Social media is a powerful tool in digital marketing. Create accounts for your company on major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Post diverse and engaging content and engage with followers to increase brand awareness and build a strong relationship with potential customers.

    Useful Links:

    Brand marketing strategies via social media
    How to create an effective Facebook ad campaign
    Target audience targeting

    You must identify and successfully target a specific target audience for digital marketing. Create targeted content and research potential customers to find out their needs and goals. Use analytics tools to track and understand audience behavior and improve your marketing strategies.

    Useful Links:

    How to target the target audience via social data
    Data analysis strategies for digital marketing
    Use of paid ads

    Paid advertising can be an effective tool for increasing brand awareness and driving sales. Use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other advertising platforms to create strategic advertising campaigns that will allow you to reach your target audience.

    Useful Links:

    How to create an effective advertising campaign with Google AdWords
    Brand promotion strategies through Facebook ads


    I hope these strategies help you succeed in digital marketing. Feel free to ask any questions or get more detailed information. Good luck on your digital marketing journey!

    certainly! I can write content on improving the user experience and designing the user interface in Arabic with the creation of external links. Here is a sample article on improving the user experience and user interface design.


Improved user experience and user interface design

  • User Experience Improvement and User Interface Design: Guidelines for Success

    In the modern world of technology, user interface design and user experience improvement have become crucial to the success of applications and websites. If you want to engage your audience and improve their interaction with your product, here are some important tips for improving your user experience and user interface design:

    Understanding users’ needs

    To improve the user experience and design an effective user interface, you need to understand your users’ needs and goals. Research surveys and market research, and conduct personal interviews with users to understand what works for them and what could be improved. Collect interesting data about your users’ needs and use it in your user interface designs.

    Useful Links:

    How to conduct user research
    User Experience Analysis: A Guide for Beginners
    Simplification and organization of the interface

    Making the user experience easy and intuitive is an important part of user interface design. Simplify complex concepts and organize interface elements in a way that makes them more intuitive and easy to use. Make sure to arrange items logically and use understandable symbols and icons to make navigation and interaction easier.

    Useful Links:

    User-friendly user interface design principles
    Improved navigation and user experience in interface design
    Apply the principles of attractive interface designs.

    Attractive user interface design catches the eyes of users and increases their engagement. Use a consistent color palette, an attractive design style, and consistent icon styles to provide a distinct visual experience. Also, organize and arrange the elements well to improve the overall look of the interface.

    Useful Links:

    Principles of attractive user interface design
    Effective use of color in user interface design

    Benefit from previous user experiences

    Don’t forget to take advantage of past user experiences and reviews to improve your UI designs and user experience. Collect user feedback and opinions about the product and use them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the user interface. Then make the necessary improvements based on this feedback.

    Useful Links:

    How to evaluate the user experience based on user interaction
    Improve web design using previous user experiences.


    I hope these guides are helpful to you in improving your user experience and user interface design. Feel free to ask any questions or get more detailed information. Good luck on your journey to improving your user experience!

    certainly! I can write web analytics and data tracking content in Arabic with external linking. Here is a sample article on web analytics and data tracking


How to become a successful graphic designer

How to be a successful graphic designer: A graphic designer is the creative approach that designers take to implement their data to deliver a specific message to their target audience, which can be used in advertisements, flyers, product packaging, websites, media, magazines, etc.

Important tips for a successful graphic designer

Graphic designers create visuals that the world sees every minute. Designers develop all forms of advertising and news media, including print media such as magazines, newspapers, and brochures; digital media such as games, web browsers, social networking sites, mobile devices; and radio such as television. As technology develops in ever-increasing complexity, so do the duties and skills of graphic designers, who must learn and keep up with everything that happens in this creative world.

Scientific theories also confirm that movement and color are among the strongest factors that attract the eye and are important factors that direct the recipient. Thus, graphics and multimedia can have an impact on success, either positively or negatively. Product failure now largely depends on the success or failure of its promotional methods. This product is in the hands of creative designers and professionals who use graphics and multimedia software.

In short, today graphic design is the most popular job among young professionals and non-professionals, and before it was a profitable business, it was simply because it was fun, creative, and artistic.

Also review the importance of the graphic designer’s job and the goals and tasks of graphic design.

Here are some essential tips for becoming a successful graphic designer:

How to be a successful graphic designer

Domain selection

Are you interested in advertising, multimedia, print design, or animation? First, focus on the areas that work for you.

Get design tools

Photoshop and Illustrator are the foundation or standard on which you build your graphic design, and they are enough to make you a good designer. Our tutorial is enough to teach you all the tools you need in the job market. Watch free Photoshop tutorials.

Work with a graphic designer.

At-home applications are a great way to achieve satisfactory results, but you have to put yourself in the middle of a group of stylists so you get the critique you need and take their advice seriously. Yes, and that has a huge upside. Besides the importance of seeing what other people are doing and comparing it to your work, these are the most important traits of a successful designer.

The Internet plays an important role in designing your graphic work, especially if you are aiming for freelancing. It also helps you make new friends, stay informed, and always be ready to learn.

Develop your own style.

Allow yourself to find yourself in the middle of your own style, and don’t get stuck in the traditions of graphic design. Finding inspiration wherever you look is very important in graphic design. Don’t set limits.

Brilliant business redesign

As a beginner, intermediate, or even professional designer, any designer is essential for constant inspiration. Don’t miss out on the fun of redesigning other people’s work and trying to recreate the amazing work of your designer. Put in certain additions; if not, combine the different styles of different designers who have gone before in the field to make the style more professional and never lose sight of the work to easily compare the qualifications that have grown.

Preparing business files

Essential resource

These sites have thousands of vector files, PSD files, EPS files, and different icons, all free and well-categorized so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. A good helper for you. Check it out and download what you want from there. He might offer you ideas to take advantage of. When you design… at the bottom of the page, ask for it in the comments. E-mail.

And now. How to market yourself as a graphic designer

Founded in 2006 through the Behance Network, which is a global online platform that enables artists and designers from various artistic disciplines to display their work, exchange ideas, take notes, and evaluate their performance. It is considered one of the most famous and powerful networks. Behance recently joined the Adobe umbrella.

It is important to have a Behance account to easily display your work and get feedback and ratings from other designers. Behance gives you the opportunity to work with him.

I am looking for a full-time job as a graphic designer.

After I show you how to become a successful graphic designer, I will show you the path from A to Z. Here are the top sites for getting a steady job as a graphic designer or working as a graphic designer online.

Camsart website

Fiverr is the first Arabic site in the field to borrow ideas from Fiverr. You get $5 for every service you sell, plus $1 in commission. You can also develop a service after you have submitted 15 services and received positive reviews. Add features for $5 or more.

To view the Fiverr website

Fiverr website

The site provides services in the field of graphic design and allows you to earn $5 for each service. This includes graphic design services and any other services that you may want to add to your list of services. Fiverr is an intermediary between you and the buyer, and in exchange for this, Fiverr takes about 20% on each transaction. You can upgrade your service later and increase the price to $5 or more.

My design site

Tasmeemmy offers jobs as a graphic designer and provides a space to search for job opportunities and projects in the Middle East. We send emails daily. In addition to design, looking at the work of other designers can be a source of inspiration.