Why do you blog on your site?

The blog on the site brings together a number of blogs and is like a diary or an arena for expressing personal opinions. The blog is an Internet application in which blogs are written to convey news or express ideas, and it works through the content management system, which in its simplest form is a web page and The website on the Internet shows postings (entries) dated and arranged in ascending chronological order, of which a specific number is published that is controlled by the manager or publisher of the blog. A specific post at a later time when it is no longer available on the first page of the blog, and it also ensures the stability of links and prevents them from degrading.

This web publishing mechanism insulates the user from the technical complexities normally associated with this medium, That is, the Internet, and it allows everyone to publish their writing very easily. Many service providers provide mechanisms similar to e-mail interfaces on the (web) network that allow anyone to maintain a blog through which they publish what they want by simply filling out forms and pressing buttons, and they also provide complementary features, such as feed technology, which aims to facilitate follow-up of updates to the published content without the need to visit the sites periodically and without the need to subscribe to mailing lists, and other services for linking blogs, in addition to the most important feature, which is the comments that achieve interaction between bloggers and readers, and newspapers and magazines are considered Electronic blogging is one of the advanced aspects.

From the point of view of sociology, the Internet views blogging as a means of publishing to the public, which has led to an increase in the role of the World Wide Web as a means of expression and communication more than ever before, in addition to being a means of publishing, advertising, and promoting various projects and campaigns. Blogging and email are the two most important services that have ever appeared on the Internet, followed by wikis.

The topics covered by the publishers in their blogs range from diaries, thoughts, expressive ideas, literary production, publishing news, and specialized topics in the field of technology and the Internet itself. And while some bloggers dedicate their blogs to writing on one topic, there are others who deal with various topics in what they write.

There are also blogs that are limited to one person, collective ones in which many writers participate, and blogs that rely mainly on photoblogs and comment on them. Video blogs (they are called vloggers [4]) have also recently spread on the Internet, and they are mainly based on publishing blogging content with audio and video recorded on video.

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