Types of electronic stores

Types of electronic stores:

Electronic stores vary according to the services they provide, as well as depending on the volume of trade exchange between the seller and the buyer within the online store. Among the most prominent types of electronic stores are:

B2B (Business to Business): It means electronic commerce operations between a trading company and another company, and mostly this type is useful for selling in the wholesale sector between factories, companies, and wholesalers such as the Chinese AliBaba store, AliBaba.com. To find out more, click here.

B2C (business to customer) refers to an e-commerce process between a business owner (whether a company, shopkeeper, or independent seller) and a regular customer. This type is the most common in the retail sector.

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C2C (Customer to Customer): This type is a buying and selling platform between independent individuals who do not have an activity or a commercial store. For example, if I am an individual and I have a car or any product of my own that I want to sell, I will register in this market and offer my product for sale. One such site is the open market site in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Multi-vendor Marketplace: This type is considered a multi-vendor e-commerce platform because more than one seller can join the platform and sell on it without the need to create a separate online store. It can be a wholesale platform like made-in-china.com, a multi-retail online store like the famous Noon store in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, or Souq.com. Amazon stores in Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar

Online stores on social networks: Most social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, provide users with the ability to display products in an online store available within social networks. This is to take advantage of the marketing activity and the audience on the social networking pages.

Drop shipping is a method that allows people who do not have capital to work on e-commerce platforms. This is done by designing a dropshipping store and selling third-party products without the need for these products to be physically present in their stores. For example, when the seller displays products on Amazon, Alibaba Express, or other online stores, Once the customer requests this product, it is automatically provided by the third party and shipped directly to the customer without the need for it to reach the seller. This type is somewhat similar to the commission-selling system, with the difference that the sale process to the customer is done through your online store.

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